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“Wow! You look great on your new Profile Picture!”

“Let’s find out how much likes have we got in our group picture!”

“Can you ping me on WhatsApp? I can’t talk over the phone right now!”

“I just posted my workout video on Instagram; check it out”

These are some of the most common statements we use in our daily lives. And yes! We are becoming way too attached with the virtual world which probably not the best thing we have done to ourselves; right?

It won’t be news for you when I say you are reading this post on some social media or you have just switched from one app to another checking your inbox or notifications. Well, it is an everyday story for almost everyone now. Whether it’s you, your best friend, your colleague, siblings or even your parents, social media has become one of the most integral parts of our lives.

I know there are a lot of things social media has done it right for you. Look at how you are able to get in touch with your long lost high school friend; or look at how you can easily know what your friends have been doing or at times, you also let others know about your whereabouts. It indeed has a lot of things to cherish. But, the growing interest in social media is turning out to be more like a pit where Lucifer is living since millennia.

So is social media is the new Devil?

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Well, there have been a lot of cases of identity theft, relationship issues or cyber bullying. Above all, the addiction of social media is no less than a drug. Once, my mother actually called me a “Facebook Junkie”. This addiction is for real and I bet you might have experienced it too at least once in your life.

What don’t we have these days? Do you want to date someone? You got your dating app; you want to play; hey that’s a new game for you. You want to read the news, no issues; just log into any of the news apps or your social media account; everything you want is in your hands.

Although it might look like quite a great idea, but honestly, it isn’t. It is making us lazy; needy and cranky. Kids nowadays don’t like to go outside and play, rather, they like to play games online or teens are being victims of cyber bullying. Social media, in a way, is being a huge reason behind a lot of issues in today’s world.

But probably no technology is as guilty of the dark side of distraction as the internet social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Blab … wherever it is that you like to hang out instead of thinking about something thorny.

Honestly, we are becoming dumber and dumber with the more and more times we are spending online – maybe by fat-shaming a woman we have just seen a pic in her shorts, maybe laughing at a man’s haircut because it looks weird; or may be trolling people with their particular religious beliefs. We are becoming a bunch of bullies, and we don’t even know that.

Social media is creating dilemma, insecurities and making us envious; we are no more confident about ourselves because we are afraid whether or not the virtual world will accept us. We are more afraid of the fact that we might not get appreciated in the virtual world rather than being appreciated in the real world. These things are gobbling a depressing amount of our times!

What Shall We Do?

Let’s just say, what should we NOT do?

Honestly, I have started my work in the writing section with the help of a “social media” friend of mine. I was looking for opportunities and he helped me with that. So you see? How can social media help you grow?

It isn’t social media who is wasting our time; instead, we are abusing the liberty of its use.

The digital community seems to be a real community; only and only if you know how to get the best out of it.

Use of social media is important; all you need is just a bit of control. Don’t let yourself to be drowning in “Lucifer’s hell”. (Although, I really don’t like to call it with the name)!